WEREC Water Ecosystem Recovery AB designs, installs and evaluates actions aiming at reducing nutrient pollution of lakes and coastal waters. The remedial measures are addressing the sources to eutrophication, and have the purpose of contributing to reducing algae blooms, weed expansion and oxygen deficit.

We assess the conditions of the river basin or the area in question and identify the measures and the locations that are the most suitable. Actions that are often of interest are Phosphorus retention dams, calcium filter beds, constructed wetlands, and two-step ditches. In the following phase the action is designed to reach the best possible cost-effectiveness in terms of nutrient removal.

Calcium filter beds reducing Phosphorus content in the water is one of the focal areas of WEREC. We have during several years of research developed leading competence on calcium filter beds, their phosphorus removal capacity, life length and function. WEREC provides in-depth knowledge on design, installation, operation and evaluation of calcium filter beds.