History och work areas

WEREC Water Ecosystem Recovery AB was launched in 2011. Our main office is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Additionally, we have a small office in Simrishamn, southern Sweden. We are active in Sweden as well as in Poland and the Baltic States, working with one of the most important environmental issues of the region; the eutrophication of the Baltic Sea, causing algae blooms and bottoms dying from oxygen deficit. We design and implement remedial measures addressing the sources to eutrophication. The geographic areas and the sources that are the main contributors to eutrophication are identified through measurements and scientific computation methods. Measures are designed and adapted to local sources that contribute significantly to the pollution, and the location of those sources.


We work predominantly with nutrient pollution from arable land. Actions often implemented are Calcium filter beds removing Phosphorus from drainage water or small streams, Phosphorus retention dams, constructed or restored wetlands and two-step ditches. Calcium filter beds and dams are suitable measures also for storm water from heavily trafficked roads and for treatment of rural households, single as well as groups of households. Our work is partly based on research and methods developed at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute. IVL holds a minor part of the shares in WEREC.

WEREC shall guarantee objectivity and impartiality in assessments and identification of the remedial measures that are the most cost-effective in terms of reducing the environmental pollution at different locations in the agricultural landscape. Local conditions shall be considered in recommendations of measures and how these measures should be designed. Evaluation of the effects of implemented actions shall be conducted according to acknowledged scientific methods.