The world´s largest Calcium filter bed installed at Svensksund, Norrköping

The construction and installation of the world´s largest Calcium filter bed was completed in december 2020, at Svensksund east of Norrköping, Sweden. The filter bed contains almost 1000 m3 of Calcium material. It will reduce the transport of Phosphorus in the stream Vadsbäcken to the Baltic Sea bay Bråviken significantly. The measure will also contribute to preserve a large RAMSAR wetland at the outlet of Vadsbäcken.

Large Phosphorus retention dam and Calcium filter bed installed in Gäddeholm, Västerås

In september 2020 the new Phosphorus retention dam at Gäddeholm, Västerås, was finalised. The dam is nearly two hectares in size. The Calcium filter bed at it’s outlet is one of the larger beds installed so far, with 400 m3 Calcium material. This measure will reduce the amount of Phosphorus and Nitrogen transported by the stream to lake Mälaren.

New Calcium filter beds by lake Gussjön

During 2020 WEREC installed three new calcium filter beds and three phosphorus retention dams by tributaries to lake Gussjön. The lake is severely eutrophicated and measures to reduce transport of Phosphorus and Nitrogen to the lake are prioritized. The measures have been carried through thanks to strong local engagement from people living around the lake.